04 Feb

James Madison Institute Research Fellow

James Madison InstituteI was recently appointed Senior Fellow on the Research Advisory Council of the James Madison Institute in Tallahassee, a Florida-based free-market think tank.  The Council reviews submissions to the Institute’s flagship journal, the JMI Journal, and other publications.

The Institute’s ideas are rooted in a belief in the U.S. Constitution and such timeless ideals as limited government, economic freedom, federalism, and individual liberty coupled with individual responsibility. –

See more at about the James Madison Institute here.

09 Jan

Patrick Heyman named Co-chair of Community Healthcare Committee

HCStudentsFL WebsitePatrick Heyman was named co-chair of the Palm Healthcare Foundation Education Practice Gap Committee.  The Committee brings together nurse educators from schools of nursing and clinical facilities to ensure that graduating nurses have the essential knowledge and skills required to be successful in the clinical arena.

Patrick has been instrumental for several years in coordinating the HCStudentsFL.org General Healthcare Orientation. The online orientation is provided free to all healthcare agencies in Palm Beach County.  It started out as an orientation specifically meant for nursing students but has since grown to include Allied Health, Medical Students, and even Medical Residents.

Currently, most the major hospitals in Palm Beach County use the system as well as several community agencies.  More than four thousand students used the orientation in the last year.